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"It is my mission to provide clients with the necessary tools to achieve and maintain healthy hair of all textures and exude beauty from the inside out!"


Thelma Cheeks M.B.A.  Master Stylist/Owner

After becoming a stylist in the year 2000, Thelma Cheeks has juggled motherhood, marriage, and college, all while creating a brand and name for herself.

Following her graduation from Kent Career Tech Center with a certificate in cosmetology with the state of Michigan, Thelma then received an Associates of Arts from Grand Rapids Community College, followed by a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Davenport University.

Thelma recently completed a Masters Degree program at Cornerstone University in Global Business with hopes to create a new business with her years of cosmetology experience.

She specializes in hair cutting, sew-in extensions, and coloring. More importantly, Thelma Cheeks believes in healthy hair and teaches her clients to practice healthy hair habits. 



Melissa Albury M.B.A | Braider

At an early age, Melissa enjoyed playing in, and braiding her Grandmother's hair. She has always been watching and learning how to braid since she spent a lot of time at her family's hair salon. At a later age she started helping out, and braiding for sew-in as well as braiding the ends of single braids during busy seasons. She even braided her friends hair while she was in college. After graduating, Melissa began working full time, assisting other entrepreneurs with their database management. She is also  married and working on her master's degree in Finance. Aside from braiding hair, Melissa is also responsible for the customer relationship management (CRM) of I AM Hair.  

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Jenny Marie Dixon MBA Makeup Artist

Besides all things creative, makeup is one of her first loves! Serving the likes of well respected brands as their freelance makeup artist: Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Fashion Fair and MAC. Her continuance as an independent artist has evolved the past sixteen years in this business. She prides herself remaining classy and elegant in all things beauty and creates the same for her clientele. Her knowledge in skincare and knack for timeless elegance is what makes her unique in this pool of artistry.


From creating pixie cut looks, hair coloring, and sew-ins, Thelma is well versed in all hair realms. No matter if you are natural or still using the creamy crack, you will find yourself in good hands. 



Whether you're getting your ends trimmed or getting a pixie cut, the right treatment can take your hair to a new level. Trimming allows your hair to grow properly and quicker. A pixie cut or a bob can make you appear young and fresh! Both of those looks can be attained with or without a relaxer. However, if you have a tighter curl pattern a partial relaxer would be beneficial.


Sew-in extensions are great protective styles no matter what hair journey you are on. Different looks can be created on short, mid, or even long hair. Hair can be left out to create a natural look, however it is suggested to have no leave out with a closure or frontal. Those two options allow for less heat damage as you curl and straighten the weave.



Color can be added into natural or relaxed hair. Timing is key if you are relaxing your hair to keep your hair healthy. Bi-weekly maintenance with deep conditioning and frequent trimmings is ideal for coloring relaxed hair. Consulting first is important, especially if you are planning for a color you have not previously had. These services may take more than one step or multiple visits.