Creamy Crack: The good, the bad, the ugly.

After the premiere of Chris Rock's "Good Hair", the stigma behind relaxers heightened. The chemicals within relaxers, such as calcium hydroxide, can cause scalp irritation and burns. A lot of people have moved to the natural side or anti-relaxer, however, there are instances where relaxers are necessary and even the best option!

If you are headed towards a pixie cut this summer, relaxers can be essential. For a shorter cut on the sides and back, a relaxer will keep your hair looking fresh and fabulous. Despite getting your sides or back permed, that does not mean you need a full head of relaxer; you can keep the rest of your hair natural for the fuller not so silky look!

But the bigger question is if your hair is not doing well "natural," what are you trying to prove? For instance, if you've been natural for over a year and your hair has not grown or is even falling out, a relaxer may just be a better option for you. Keep in mind, protective styles are a great option to giving your natural hair a rest in the summer or winter months, depending on how you wear your hair. 

For example, if you don't want to apply heat at all, rod sets, two strand twists or full, lace closure sew-in(complete sew-in) are options. Even if you do apply heat and just don't like the fact that the humidity swells your hair, you have options. 


Communicating with your stylist about the overall plans and goals for your mane is key. He or she will help consult you along the way and ease the stress of maintaining your mane; with their help, you won't have a mess on your head. 


Change is good and can be guided!

Cheif Editor Shardaisy