Summer Hair: What Works For YOU.

   As summer arrives people tend to be at odds about what they should do with their hair. Between the heat, humidity, rain, and adventures of summer finding what's best for you can seem like a challenge. Often times, the first style people jump to are braids, but here at I AM Hair, we have gathered a whole host of styles and tips to keep you looking easy, breezy, beautiful, and comfortable this summer. 

   Depending on your hair texture, natural or relaxed the humidity will probably obliterate your curls, therefore, different Protective Styles are key. One favorite is Sew-in Extensions. This style is as versatile as you can get; different hair colors, lengths, and styles are available. One can get a full sew-in with minimum leave out, a complete sew-in with absolutely no leave out(best for natural hair) or a lace closure(possible for natural or relaxed hair) again with no leave out, but allows for the client to have a natural looking part.

Pixie Cuts will be ideal for you to switch it up and enjoy the summer while looking sassy. This would require a relaxer at the very least around the sides and back. No matter if you are natural or not, pixie cuts can work for you. Your face shape may play a role in how your hair is cut, but anyone can rock a summer pixie and you don't have to wait until you "lose weight!"

Relaxers are good for the summer because as the humidity increase, your hair will be straight as opposed to going to its natural curl pattern. There are relaxers for mild, regular and super(which is not typically necessary).

Highlights are fun to play around with different colors such as blonde, copper, red, plum, blue and more. Highlights are ideal for summer because you won't have to constantly retouch your roots and the different colors will allow you to appear youthful and fun! They can even be changed with different rinses after they have been pre lightened, so they are east to switch up.

Permanent Color can be fun for summer as well, though it may require retouching in the roots over time. Permanent color can essentially be the same colors as what's available in highlights, but all over from the root to the ends.

Color Rinses are an option for a new color as well. Though it is deposit based only, so you can only go darker i.e. black, burgundy and plum on already naturally, light colored hair like brown and they are not so permanent or damaging to the hair. They can be testers and easily switched later on.

What Style Would You Like to Try This Summer? Let's Find What Works for You!

Chief Editor: Shardaisy