Bundles: Everything You Need To Know.

Most people have done away with hair stores and buying hair from there and have instead moved on to buying bundles that come in a variety of different lengths, colors, and textures.

What's the hype?

Bundles can be great if you invest in quality hair and get the hair installed properly. For women with natural hair, or women who just want to escape the heat, sew-ins can be a great protective style. A lot of the time, people purchase expensive hair but do not go the extra mile to have it installed properly, which can result in hair loss. When the edges of your hair is gripped too tight, or the braid pattern is too tight, you will actually lose more hair instead of growing it. 

Furthermore, not getting your ends clipped between sew-ins or not changing the braid pattern can be detrimental to your leave out. Alternatives for damaging your leave-out would be purchasing a lace front closure to avoid excessive. 

Consulting with your stylist is always key to figuring out what is best for you. Buying bundles is an investment, so invest in yourself and your hair care by shopping with I AM Hair! We have 10A Loose Wave and Curly in stock, while 10A Loose Deep and Straight hair can be ordered with a 50% deposit.